Variety of Plants

Plants and palms are the one thing you cannot have too much of. The more plants you have in your yard the better it is for you and the environment. They can make your house go up in value and can even reduce your energy bill. Plants not only produce oxygen, but they also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment. So the more plants you have the more oxygen you help produce and you even reduce your carbon footprint. Every little bit counts in todays age of global warming. They can also give you privacy by selecting a good  bushy hedge, or can even give you shade like a big shade tree can. The combinations and possibilities are endless and good options can be found here at Valdes Gardens Nursery.

We grow most of our plants ourselves so you can be assured your purchasing right from the grower giving you the most value for your money.  We offer wholesale prices on everything we have and always look forward to providing the best customer service possible.

Bromeliads and rock gardens are being more and more used because of their almost zero maintenance properties.  For example if its an area where there are no sprinklers and is some dry, just using bromeliads and agave type succulent plants will allow you to get away with watering once a week or so.   Using landscape stones such as river rocks and marble chips as the final ground covering is usually the most expensive option, but it is the least maintenance option and you mainly have to do the rock installation only once the first time and it will last for many years to come. Using mulch rather than stones is the most cost effective option, but to keep it looking decent you have to re-mulch at least once a year.

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