Topsoil is used to add a fresh layer of organic nutrient rich black soil in areas that is too rocky or have very old landscape areas that the soil is very stripped  of nutrients. Topsoil provides a great base for new landscaping to takeoff and grow the best it can.

Potting soil is used primarily in planters and pots where very good soil drainage is necessary.

We always carry rich organic black topsoil. Each bag of soil will cover an area of about 2 sq.ft. at about 2″ thick.  The cubic yard will cover and area of about 100 sq.ft.  Fresh soil is the best to use when setting up a new landscape planter to give new plants new organic nutrients to start off growing strong.  It’s also great to use before a new sod project, giving the new sod the best conditions to grow.

If your not too sure about how much soil you would need for your project, just take measurements of the area, ( length, width, and how thick), and give us a call and we will be more than happy to calculate how much soil you would roughly need.

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