Unique Tree Rock Planters

Rock Planters that are made from a Tree

Here at Valdes Gardens we carry very unique indoor or outdoor Rock Planters that are made from a tree held permanently secured to a cement rock planter with a hole through to place either a potted 3 gallon plant, as well as one, two, or three smaller 6″ planters on the tree portion part of this artistically unique heavy duty planter.  The plants  can either be planted, or left in pots in the planters.


The wood has been stained and sealed with a wood sealer, and the cement bottom planter has also been sealed with a concrete sealer.  The concrete portion is wire reinforced to prevent cracking.  We carry 3 different sizes of this artistic planter.  Small is about 24″-30″ and costs $100 with about 2 planters.  The medium is about 48″-54″ and has about 3 planters which costs $150.  And the large is about 72″-84″ and has about 4 planters which costs $200.


These planters are great for outdoors in your landscape design or even indoors as a unique artistic indoor planter with indoor plants like bromeliads and orchids.  You can even use it as the ultimate unique hat  or coat hanger.

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